A group focused on the synthesis, fabrication, and application of nanostructured materials

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Group outing @ Lake of Woods, 2021

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(11/2023) We are excited to be a member of the DOE Energy Earthshot team at University of Illinois. For detail, see the press release.  

(10/2023) Aaron Chen joined our group as a PhD graduate student. Aaron received his M.S. degree from National Taiwan University. Welcome!  

(07/2023) Our work entitled "Reaction-driven formation of Cu-Ag Alloy nanostructures from Cu@Ag core-shell nanoparticles analyzed by Moirè patterns using environmental TEM images" was featured as the Cover Article by Surface Science

(05/2023) Siying received the Chia-chen Chu Fellowship from the School of Chemical Sciences.  Congratulations!

(04/2023) Siying is the lead author of a pair of publications that appeared in Chemical Reviews (2D metal nanostructures) and Chemical Communications (PtCo intermetallic nanoparticles as ORR electrocatalysts). Congratulations!

(02/2023) Yujie (Vicent) was selected to receive the Bruno H. Wojcik Scholarship, a School of Chemical Science Award. Congratulations!

(12/2022) Yujie (Vicent) Yang, Shihyun Park, and Diana Burbano completed their independent studies in our group for this fall semester. Thank you for your contributions!

(08/2022) Our work on birnessite manganese oxide nanoflowers for intercalation of magnesium ions appeared in Nano Energy. This work highlights a niche application of using three-dimensional nanostructures for high valence ion electrodes. We thank our collaborators for their contribution to this work.

(04/2022) Cheng Zhang successfully defended his PhD thesis. Dr. Zhang will join a major industrial company after his graduation. Congratulations!

(11/2021) Congratulations to Cheng for receiving a Hanratty Travel Award, which supported him attending the AIChE Annual Meeting in Boston! Cheng presented his work on the development of green hydrogen technology.

(10/2021) Bidipta Ghosh joined our group as a first-year PhD graduate student. She will work on electrocatalysts for green hydrogen production. Welcome!

(08/2021) We welcome Dr. Jung Hyun Park to our group as an NRF Postdoctoral Fellow.

(08/2021) We are excited to start a new NSF-DFG project on electrocatalysis for green hydrogen production. For more information, visit the ChBE's webpage.

(07/2021) Drew successfully defended his thesis. He will start a teaching position in Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University this month. Congrats and best wishes, Dr. Kuhn!

(05/2021) Our work on the preparation of electrocatalysts of silverā€coated copper (Cu@Ag) nanoparticles appeared in Advanced Functional Materials. This bimetallic core-shell electrocatalyst was designed for the electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to ethylene at low cell potentials.

(05/2021) We welcome Mariam Batool to join our group! She will work on the development of electrocatalysts for green hydrogen production.

(04/2021) Rachel Park won first prize at this year’s Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Undergraduate Research Symposium. The title of her talk is “Metal Oxide Supports for Molybdenum Carbide Nanocatalysts in the Reverse Water Gas Shift Reaction". Drew Kuhn is her graduate mentor. Great job!

(03/2021) Rachel Park received an Exxon Foundation Schoarship. Congrats!

(01/2021) Congratulations to Talha for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis. Talha will join Sherwin-Williams this month. Good luck, Dr. Al-Zoubi!

(10/2020) Drew and Talha received a third place award in the oral and poster presentation categories, respectively, during the 2020 ChBE Graduate Research Symposium. Congratulations!

(08/2020) Congratulations to Drew for winning an A. T. Widiger Fellowship!

(05/2020) Drew has been selected as one of the Mavis Future Faculty Fellows (MF3) from the Grainger College of Engineering. Way to go!

(04/2020) Cheng passed his PhD prelim exam. Congrats!

(04/2020) Talha received the A.T. Widiger Fellowship. Congratulations!

(03/2020) Talha's work on single atom non-platinum group metal (non-PGM) electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) appeared in the Journal of the American Chemical Society and was featured as a cover. We thanked all the team members for their contributions.

(02/2020) Zhitao received the John Martin Ankenbauer Memorial Scholarship. Congrats!

(01/2020) Drew's work on copper as selective oxygen reduction catalysts for carbon dioxide untilization was published in Engery Technology. The work presented an intreresting case on how dynamic structures of non-noble metal catalysts benefit the high selectivity of certain targeted products.     

(10/2019) ChBE graduate student Siying Yu joined our group. Siying graduated with a B.Sc. degree from Peking University and will work on the design of high-performance electrocatalysts. Welcome on board!

(09/2019) We welcome Mr. Phalgun Madhusudan to join us. Phulgun received his B.E. from R V College of Engineering and will work on the membrane electrode assembly (MEA) for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs).

(08/2019) Drew received a Hanratty Travel Award, which suports him to attend the AIChE annual meeting in Orlando. He will present his work on the use of nanoparticle catalysts for CO2 applications. Congrats!

(08/2019) Drew was selected as the recepient of 2019-2020 Tom and Yolanda Stein Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations on earning this fellowship!

(07/2019) Jack completed his PhD study with us and will join Intel Co. in Portland. Best wishes!

(07/2019) Mr. Biao Yu joined our group as a summer intern student. His visit is supported by the Xue-Tang Scholarship from Tsinghua University.

(05/2019) This month, we sent off four ChBE seniors who did indepedent research in our lab and will attend graduate schools in the fall. Best wishes to Guanhua (Northwestern U.), Huayang (UPenn), Hui (Cornell), and Mingyan (UT, Austin). Thank you for your contributions!

(04/2019) Drew passed his preliminary exam. Well-done!

(04/2019) Drew's work on catalytic removal of molecular oxygen from simulated flue gas for carbon dioxide utilization appeared in Energy Technology and was featured on the front cover of its April issue.

(04/2019) Drew won the Kokes Award from the North American Catalysis Society. Congrats!

(04/2019) Congrats to Pei-Chieh (Jack) for successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on pyrochlore-based oxygen reduction catalysts in acid. Great job, Dr. Shih.

(03/2019) Zhitao won the R. J. Van Mynen Chemical Engineering Scholarship and Hui Du won the Corn Family Scholarship. Congrats!

(02/2019) Congratulations to Talha for passing his preliminary exam.

(11/2018) Congratulations to Thao for completing her PhD study on the formation of nanoparticles using in situ liquid-phase TEM and XAS technqiues. Well done, Dr. Ngo.

(10/2018) Dr. Jaemin Kim completed his postdoctoral research with us. He began his new position at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center.

(09/2018) Our work on porous pyrochlore oxygen evolution catalyst appeared in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. See the press release from U of I News Bureau.

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